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April 28th, 2021 4 minutes read

When it comes to reading, many people believe that once kids can read the words on the page, the task is complete. However, the next and arguably most important piece of the puzzle is reading comprehension.

Reading is something that kids either love or hate. However, the ability to read and then comprehend what you’re reading is very important. When kids are having trouble with reading comprehension, there are some tips you can use to help them along the way to improve.

Defining Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension involves two main components. Firstly, possessing enough vocabulary to identify individual words as well as knowing what they mean. Secondly, reading comprehension involves understanding the whole meaning behind the sentences.

Rather than just being about the ability to read, this type of comprehension requires kids to combine thinking with reasoning in order to understand the words they are reading. Students who possess reading comprehension are able to draw conclusions about what they read.

Why Students Dislike Reading

When looking at how to improve your child’s reading comprehension, getting the child to enjoy reading is the first step. Often when children remark that they hate reading, they’re just saying that because they’re frustrated at not being able to grasp the concept right away.
Students may also dislike reading because they’re reading books they can’t connect with. In terms of developing reading skills in students, those who are struggling need to be given books they can enjoy as this enjoyment will help them comprehend and then, learn.

5 Ways To Help Children Improve Their Reading Comprehension

Helping your child with reading comprehension requires patience and determination. However, it isn’t an uphill battle. By trying out some different strategies from the list below, your child will be well on their way to improving their reading comprehension.

Encourage them to read out loud

If reading quietly isn’t helping students improve their individual reading skills, try encouraging them to read out loud. Hearing the words out loud actually helps people get a better flow for the sentence which will then help them understand what they’re reading.

Re-read sections that are confusing

Encouraging re-reading is a helpful strategy when it comes to improving reading skills. Re-reading offers a chance to get a refresher on the material, but it also gives kids the necessary time to go over the text and understand it, making reading comprehension easier.

Use a ruler to follow along

Sometimes struggling with reading comprehension can come down to the fact that the child is having trouble keeping their place while reading. By using a ruler or finger to follow along, kids can keep their place which in turn helps improve the child’s reading level.

Have a discussion about what they’ve read

By having a discussion at the end of the chapter, or at the conclusion of the book, you are making your child think about what they have read. By encouraging this type of thinking, kids are better placed to improve their overall reading comprehension.
Recap and summarise the main points  By asking kids to actually think about what they are reading, rather than letting them speed through the entire book without much thought, reading comprehension can and will improve. This is because comprehension can start when the thought process is encouraged.

How iSmartStudent Tutoring Can Help

Sometimes employing different strategies at home may not be enough to help kids improve their reading comprehension. One of the advantages of online tutoring at iSmartStudent is the fact that our tutors are highly qualified and skilled professionals.

This means that we can help give kids the confidence to employ reading strategies that will help them with their overall reading and comprehension. Help your child’s reading comprehension by contacting us today.