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As we know, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to education. Each child is unique, and the best method for each child varies. It is only recently that issues of dyslexia, discalculia or the idea that teaching must be adapted to fit each child’s distinct learning style has been widely accepted. Prior to this, many schools and educators would often attempt to use a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Studies have shown that personalized learning is more effective for students – especially when it comes to math.

If your child is displaying any of these signs, it may be time to consider alternative methods of learning and teaching – especially from an online math tutor.

1. Your child expresses frustration with their homework

Frustration may not always be obvious to you so there are a few ways you can find out how well your child is taking to mathematical concepts.

Firstly, don’t focus on the end goal — look at the process. So, instead of simply counting the fact that your child figured out a problem as proof they’re doing okay in Math, track how long they took to solve it.

Observe how they look and feel when they’re engaged in solving it. Are their shoulders slumped and their hands on their heads? Are they sighing in frustration or constantly complaining? Are they coming to you over and over again for guidance?

These are clear indicators that your child is experiencing a lot of frustration with math. What they need, at this point, is online math help that can provide them with one-to-one guidance, and step-by-step instructions or strategies on how to approach common math problems.

2. Your child’s grades start slipping

Slipping up once or twice, with a small change here and there is not a major cause for concern when it comes to Math. Certain units or sub-units might have been a little more complicated for your child to understand and master than others.

However, an online math tutor should be called in when your child constantly starts dropping their marks, moving down an entire level of evaluation, or failing to keep up with their marks before a particular unit.

This is true even if your child had high grades and the slip doesn’t put them in the lower end of markings or evaluation. A negative change in their marks that is consistent could tell you they’re quickly losing their ability to keep up with Math.

And since the subject relies on students mastering the foundations before moving on to more complex topics, it’s best to get online math help before your child completely falls behind. Sometimes, as many families discover, all students need to maintain their grades is some ongoing, extra support with online tutoring.

3. Your child shows a sudden lack of enthusiasm

Instead of a change in their marks, this sign asks you to look for a change in their behaviour or approach to their Math studies.

If your child goes from happily tackling Math problems to expressing a ho-hum attitude, they could be disengaged from the topic at hand. They could also be failing to comprehend the concepts behind a topic.

The best online math tutor can help your child go from less-than-enthusiastic to interested and motivated to solve problems. Even if they don’t constantly understand everything they’re learning, an experienced online math tutor knows how to attune your child’s attitude so that they find reward and gratification in the learning process.

4. You’re not an educator

Many fellow parents will attest to the fact that they simply don’t have time to help their kids with math.

But a savvy online math tutor and educator knows the issue is not time. The issue is expertise. Even parents who are scientists, investment bankers, and physicists don’t, many times, have any ability to teach their child math effectively.

And it’s not because they’re not good at it — quite the opposite.

It’s because they don’t know how to teach math.

Educating and teaching math online requires a particular skill set. Even if you, as a parent, are a subject matter expert in math, that doesn’t automatically make you an effective teacher.

Teaching is a skill that requires specific strategies and thorough understanding of a child’s developmental stages. A tutor or educator who has been doing this for a living, or who has studied how to teach others, is truly the right individual to be conveying these complex concepts to young minds.


Because an online math tutor knows what will resonate with students and how students’ minds will absorb a particular concept. From this general place, they can then tailor and personalise their approach for a child’s unique learning style and progress.

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