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Our President and Team at iSmartStudent feel privileged to be a part of the story of the Legend, Her Worship Hazel McCallion, who recently celebrated her 100 th birthday.

Nabarun Chaudhuri shared with Team iSmartStudent some of his experiences with the Legend herself. He said,” I met the Mayor on a few different occasions as a business leader for Aithent Canada. I had also the rare privilege to share the Head Table with Madam Mayor when she addressed the Empire Club Toronto at Royal York’s exclusive event. I still remember her mesmerizing talk hinging on her agenda – “Hazel’s Hope: A Vision of World Citizenship”.
It was a tremendous insight portraying Mississauga’s progress and the contribution to the Canadian vision. She had just celebrated her 85 th  birthday and now we see her celebrate her 100 th, along with her
many milestones!”

Follow the link to see details from the event:

Hazel, is a household name in Mississauga, and the longest Mayoral journey of 36 years is just as incredible as the fact that she continues to contribute in many ways to the development of Mississauga and Canada. The naming of the Mississauga Central Library in her name is a stupendous celebration of Hazel’s leadership and exemplary role she played, and continues to play at 100. iSmartStudent joins all of Mississauga, Ontario, and Canadian Businesses to salute Her Worship, Hazel McCallion, and pray for her continued good health and blessings.

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