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Math and English are the most important subjects for children in Canada to learn, but many kids struggle with Math and need a little extra help at home to get to grips with the essentials.
Whether your children are just starting school, you would like to give them a head start, or you are looking for strategies that will help you to support a child who is having, the tips below are sure to come in handy.

Math Tutoring at Home: How to Make Sure Your Child Gets the Help They Need

Follow our suggestions and you should find it easy to give your children all the help they need
with Math.

Use Objects in Your Home to Teach the Basics

Children need to understand the concept of counting, and they need to get a good feel for what various quantities of items look like in the real world before they can master Math. For this reason, teaching them to count objects around the home is one of the easiest ways to get started. Whether you plan to handle all of your kids’ Math tutoring yourself or to use professional tutors as well, this first phase is something that is easiest for parents to teach their children.

Make Math Relevant

For older kids, one of the best ways to motivate them to try harder at Math is to make it more relevant. Whether it’s showing them how to calculate how many points they need to claim the next prize in the online game they love playing or teaching them how to manage money so they can afford the toys they want to buy, showing them how Math can help them to get the things they want can be a powerful motivator.

Take Advantage of Online Math Tutoring

For busy parents, and parents with older children who feel that a professional tutor would be better able to provide the support their kids need, online tutoring can be a great solution. Our own Math programs for children of all ages are an excellent choice for parents that would like their children to have access to a qualified tutor when they need help with a Math problem they are stuck on. Enrol your children and they will have a personalized lesson plan created for them after an initial assessment, with new goals provided on a weekly basis. Along with up to 10 hours
of personal Math tutoring over the phone, this should provide them with all the support they need to make great progress with their studies.

Try to Organize a Math Lesson Every Day

Even if you can only manage 10-15 minutes on some days, establishing a daily habit could really help your children to learn Math at home. Whenever children are trying to learn a new subject or overcome difficulties they are experiencing with a subject they have been learning for some time, daily practice can be a very effective aid. If you do not always have the time to do this with your children or they are at a stage in their education where you don’t feel you can give them the help they need, an online Math program such as the ones we offer here at iSmartStudent
International Inc. is one possible solution that you may like to investigate.

If you would like more information about Math tutoring at home or any of our online learning
programs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide Kindergarten to Grade 12
Lessons across Canada. (Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta)