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Learning is like Building a Brick Wall.

It is very important to have a solid foundation to be successful in the end. As schools went back to in-person learning, children are now facing a hard time due to the gaps in their learning. For the past two years, Covid has created challenges for our children limiting their knowledge, support, and motivation. They had no option other than learning independently at home with their limited resources. And even though parents tried their best to be teachers at home it wasn’t as effective due to the difficulties of connecting with educators, parents not having teaching skills while managing their own jobs, lack of resources and the unstructured curriculum. Covid has just made it quite challenging for our children to
grow and learn and now it’s affecting their future.

Students that did well before Covid are now facing challenges in school. So, imagine children who had gaps in their learning prior to Covid, their even further behind now. These gaps are just widening day by day, holding them back in school. It affects their learning, but it’s also impacting their confidence and motivation to move forward. And when they go to the next grade… they’re just falling behind more. Many children are feeling lost and confused at school as they don’t have the required skills and knowledge. Even teachers and administrators are trying their best to come up with solutions to help students catch up but there’s only so much they can do. So, who’s going to help our kids?

Well, it starts by finding the gaps and fixing them! Rather than just helping students with their school homework and tests for short term results, what we do is identify what our students’ brick wall looks like and slowly help them build a strong foundation at their pace. Students complete an assessment that allows us to identify all the gaps (in the school curriculum) in their learning and then we create a personalized lesson just for them. We teach our students through a combination of online lesson plans and tutoring support to slowly help them build a strong foundation. Our lessons teach students concepts or skills they haven’t fully developed at a much faster pace. Even if they don’t understand concepts from three years ago….that’s totally fine! We’re going to go back and help our students to build up their confidence layer by layer and keep them motivated through an incentives program. And if they ever get stuck…you can instantly reach out to a tutor for 1 on 1 support. Until our students are independent and confident with all concepts, we won’t be pushing them to the next level. We’re going to help your child build that strong brick wall and guide them through till success!
Learning is like building a brick wall. It takes one brick at a time.