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We would like to congratulate the Bomans family, the winner of our Competition Draw, that we held in January 2018 at our office in Mississauga. Of so many entries we received across the cross section of the GTA, Mackenzie was chosen as a winner for 12 Months of Tutoring on a complimentary basis along with a PS4.  The family was very excited to receive the award and have shown their eagerness to have their granddaughter, in grade 5, devote 20-30 minutes/ 2-3 times a week to see results. They are extremely pleased with the opportunity granted to help in accelerated improvement in Math and English while working with the program.  Mr. Brad Bomans, the proud grandfather, attended our office, with his granddaughter, Mackenzie to receive their award. They have since been through the initial and formal orientation schedule and have been set up on the system and the process.

We are excited for the Bomans family to be on our program. This gives us an opportunity to work more and more with families and schools to help provide for some exceptional and cutting edge technology blended with real tutoring. Weekly lessons/ progress reports and proactive interface with families sets us apart in a global stage. With our solutions mapped to the curriculum in Ontario, BC and Alberta, we look forward to contributing a bit to the progress of numeracy and literacy standards in North America.” said Nabarun Chaudhuri, President of iSmartStudent.

About iSmartStudent International Inc.

iSmartStudent International Inc. distributes the globally recognized Math Wiz and the English Wiz online learning programs and the Math Doctor diagnostic tool across Canada.  Our mission is to ensure every student reaches their full potential and gets accepted by the University or Community College of their choice.  The advanced Learning Management System includes a comprehensive reporting tool that prepares personalized lesson plans that are updated weekly. For the Parents program, dedicated hours of weekly phone tutoring support is available besides a host of other features. When Math Wiz and English Wiz are combined with support from our tutoring team, a very effective and affordable learning solution increases students’ knowledge, confidence and grades significantly.

For more information contact us at 289-275-2244 or browse information on the iSmartStudent website or Facebook: