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Math Tutor Online

Math Tutoring K-12: Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario Curriculum

We combine real tutors with our online, Math Wiz program. We teach children “how to think” math, and we continuously assess your child’s weak points to provide all the extra practice and revision your child needs.
Our tutors make sure your child is working on a lesson plan made especially for them and never getting stuck. When combined with our rewards program, you can be confident your child has all the support and encouragement they need to reach their potential.
We assess your child and every Monday we will create a lesson plan, especially for your child – no guessing what to do next – so easy to learn.

Math Doctor – Find Your Child’s Gaps in Learning

When a student enrols in our Math tutoring program, the first thing we do is an online assessment with the Math Doctor tool. This is done to identify what your child does and does not know of their provincial curriculum. Most importantly, we will identify if there are any learning gaps holding your child back.

Math Wiz: How it Works

The Math Wiz program is at the core of our math tutoring. Math Wiz is a teaching, testing and revision program which utilises the power of technology to engage children, and make learning interactive and fun. It currently supports the full K-12 Math curriculum for Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Math Wiz: Lower Elementary School – Kindergarten to Grade 4

Give your child a flying start with this fun to use program.

  • Combines reading, listening, learning and playing.
  • Recorded voices for beginner readers.
  • Interactive questions with every lesson.
  • Makes Math easy and fun.
  • Instant feedback.

Math Wiz: Upper Elementary School & Middle School – Grade 5 to Grade 8

Many children fall behind in elementary school and never catch up. Don’t let this happen to your child!

  • Watch your child gain confidence and self-esteem.
  • Look and listen – animations and commentaries.
  • Engaging activities which support the whole provincial curriculum.
  • Math games – beat the clock and meet the challenge.
  • Includes worded questions.
  • Step by step solutions teach children to think Math.
  • Ongoing assessments and reports, so you can see your child improve.

Math Wiz: High School – Grade 9 and Grade 10

Learning Math is like building a wall with bricks of knowledge. If some of these bricks aren’t properly placed, the wall will crumble, and the student won’t be able to learn new concepts based on the basics that are taught in earlier grades. Math Wiz helps fill these gaps, strengthening the foundation. This allows them to grasp and master the concepts they are currently being taught in class.

  • Never get stuck – every question is fully explained.
  • A very structured course based on the curriculum.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Keeps track of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Includes worded questions.
  • Ongoing assessment so you can see how your child is improving.

Math Wiz: High School Juniors and Seniors – Grade 11 and Grade 12

Some people think that Math is a tough subject. Math can be fun and you can be sure to get top marks with regular practice.

  • Improve your Math skills and your career options.
  • Make sure your child has the grades they need to get into the college or university they want.
  • Structured with interactive help.
  • Thousands of worked solutions to prepare you for exams.
  • Keep track of your revision needs.
  • Helps to see the whole picture – you know exactly what needs to be learned.

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