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Watch as your child improves their grades and confidence with iSmartStudent’s award-winning online tutoring, covering K to 12 Math & English curriculum and programs of study in Alberta.

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Award to iSmartStudent
Award to iSmartStudent

How iSmartStudent Works

We combine technology with online tutoring with short 20 minute sessions to give your child the best chance to succeed. We use an easy to follow four step process.

Step 1: Assessment

We do an assessment to find any knowledge gaps holding your child back. Which means we can completely personalise their tutoring from the get-go. Your child is only focusing on the topics they need help in..


Step 2: Personalised Learning

Each week, we give your child a personalised lesson plan made especially for them. No guessing what to do next.


Step 3: Tutor Support

You are not on your own. Parents can call our tutors to discuss your child’s progress. Kids can call our tutors for extra help on the programs.


Step 4: Motivation

Your child earns points as they learn which they can spend on real prizes. It is amazing how much a little reward can inspire kids to learn more.

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So many happy families!

My name is kailash, parent of Alice and Ayushman both are doing course with Ismart. I am writing my experience. How both kids are improving skills on math and english My kids started lesson just six months, and i can see the improvement day day day. School teachers have provided very positive note as well. This is very promising start for both kids. Waiting to see more success in. Coming days. I would like to thank behalf of entire family Brian gor his contributions for our kids progress. He is communicating and providing feedbacks and reset the work for both kids. Identifying the area they can work on. Thanks to Ismart #ismart #legendBrain
Kailash Thapa
I found out about this program by looking online for tutoring and its one of the best service, my kids loves the lessons and the teacher. The teacher takes the time to call and follow-up, will speak with the kids sometimes and she is super nice, my kids really love miss Kate. The price is affordable, the learning is fun the kids don't even know they are doing homework, again its a very good program for kids to continue their learning, it definitely helps when the kids go to school, they will already have an idea on what is being taught in school.
Devanand Naitram
IsmartStudent International Inc is a good programme for children. They help children in English and Maths. My children improved drastically with the help of their tutors. They call in from time to time to find out how the children are getting on with their lesson and assist them on any topic they are finding difficult in understanding. They kept them busy all through the week and by Sunday their work will be submitted for the tutors to go though. I thank the crew for their hard work and understanding. I give you guys thumbs up.
Ihuoma Emeson
I wanted to take the time today to thank Jonah from the Ismartstudent team. His professionalism and attention to the details of my daughters learning gaps really helped her to understand were she was going wrong and what she needed to focus on. His checking in calls were greatly appreciated and he worked with me to help motivate my daughter when she really needed it. He was also always available to help her when she needed to study for a test. Jonah you truly have a gift continue to use it to help children achieve their highest potential.
Michelle Brown

Chantale Guillaume
Chantale Guillaume
It's a great website for tutoring highly recommended.
Syeda Jawid
Syeda Jawid
Joining Ismartstudents international is no doubt a worthwhile decision that I made for my boys Zaier Jafri and Akhtar Jafri. They are progressing well and their confidence level has improved a lot. The staff especially our tutors Jordan & Stephnie are very comfortable people to talk to. They are doing an excellent job in preparing lessons by gradually raising the bench mark. Way to go team Ismart!!!!
Selamawit Berhe
Selamawit Berhe
My kids improved a lot . The staffs are amazing always available for help also affordable price.
Joyce A
Joyce A
Its great my kids are always ahead in all the grades. I like the incentives the kids get too ie cineplex tickets
folashade adelakun
folashade adelakun
My son started this lesson over a year ago and I don’t regret it at all because It helps him to stay focused and engaged him for an hour after school. The lessons is affordable and the tutors are available to help.
Jackson Howarth
Jackson Howarth
it's ok
Ale Nguyen
Ale Nguyen
We have had a great experience with iSmart Student. My 3rd grader has noticeably improved her math after consistently completing the practices. She used to get frustrated and cry when she didnt get the answers right which would only made things worse. All the lessons are tailored to her needs, weekly. And we get excellent tutoring over the phone. She loves to work with Stephanie. And after feeling so frustrated and crying over not understanding math, she has become more and more confident with Stephanie's help. We definitely recommend this service. It is more affordable than typical tutoring and it has great benefits. They send weekly reports with the results of her lessons and what the next week set of lessons will have. And she gets assessments to test her improvement. Definitely recommend!
Maha Hassan
Maha Hassan
I have enrolled my daughter in ISmart for 8 months. For the first time, my daughter got an A and was happy and confident. ISmart is the main reason in bridging the gaps in math created by the pandemic. Teachers Jorden and Shadia are amazing. I love the way they conduct their follow up with me. They are very professional and polite. I highly recommend ISmart
Nadia Joseph
Nadia Joseph
Good job. You help my children to do great efforts

Families Thrilled With Our Global Partners

Highly recommend
Kinetic education has made a huge difference in our children’s learning. It has closed the gaps and now they are coming home saying they already knew the work they were given at school because they had done it on kinetic! They love the rewards and the support has been great
Best Australian Educational Program By Far !!!!
We have been using this program now for over a year. I have 4 children all with different abilities. Caters for the most advanced right through to child that struggles at school. Graeme, tutor, is amazing and on top of progress of each child, making adjustments as we go. Children enjoy the learning as it's interactive and relevant. We have used other teaching programs but have not seen results like Kinetic has achieved. Affordable and actually works. Can't praise it enough !
Now we have tried it, we will NEVER go back!
My son started less than a year ago, with some fundamental gaps in his maths from grades 3 upwards. He is now doing year6/7 maths, and in English he is doing senior high school work! That's years 11/12! Couldn't be happier with this AMAZING tutoring program, and my son's huge leaps and advances have been all due to kinetic!
Iman D
Excellent platform .. help my kids indeed.
Tailored perfectly to fill in the concept gaps. My kids had some gaps from previous levels and kinetic helped them fill those up perfectly. Would definitely recommend this to parents looking for filling the slightest gaps in even the earliest years.
Raja Wardik

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*Based on a family with two children in Year 9 and below in Math or English only.

“Calls may be recorded for training and quality assurance”